Exception from payment of visa fee

In accordance with Article 17.2. of the Republic of Azerbaijan Law “On State Fees” (2001) following category of foreigners and stateless persons are exempted from state fee for visa issuance on arrival to the Republic of Azerbaijan:

  1. Members of state delegations and officials;
  2. Representatives of international humanitarian organizations in the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  3. Persons who study via state programs and are engaged in pedagogical activity;
  4. Persons who travel for defense purposes.

Visa issued free of charge to the citizens of following countries:

  1. Citizens of Turkey; holders of ordinary passports.
  2. Citizens of Japan; holders of ordinary passports.
  3. Citizens of Pakistan; holders of ordinary passports (15 days stay in Azerbaijan)
  4. Citizens of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and European Union (excluding England, Ireland and Denmark);
    1. for close relatives – spouses, children (including adopted), parents (including custodians), grandparents and grand-children – of a person (citizen of Azerbaijan or above mentioned countries)  who is legally residing in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. for members of official delegations, who, following an official invitation addressed to the above mentioned countries, shall participate in official meetings, consultations, negotiations or exchange programmes, as well as in events held in the territory the Republic of the Azerbaijan by intergovernmental organisations;
    2. pupils, students, post-graduate students and accompanying teachers who undertake trips for the purposes of study or educational training, including in the framework of exchange programmes as well as other school related activities;
    3. persons with disabilities and persons accompanying them, if necessary;
    4. participants in international sports events and persons accompanying them in a professional capacity;
    5. persons participating in scientific, cultural and artistic activities, including university and other exchange programmes;
    6. persons who have presented documents proving the necessity of their travel on humanitarian grounds, including to receive urgent medical treatment, or to attend a funeral of a close relative, or to visit a seriously ill close relative and persons accompanying such person if necessary;
    7. representatives of civil society organizations when undertaking trips for the purposes of educational training, seminars, conferences, including in the framework of exchange programmes;
    8. pensioners;
    9. Switzerland and Norway citizens - children under the age of 18 and dependent children under the age of 21; EU and Liechtenstein citizens (except England, Ireland and Denmark) - children under the age of 12;

      journalists and the technical crew accompanying them in a professional capacity.


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