Eight power plants to be commissioned by 2027 to decarbonize Sangachal Terminal

During the discussion with Rick Duke, the Deputy Special Envoy for Climate Office of the US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, Minister Shahbazov highlighted Azerbaijan`s efforts to accelerate the green energy transition, including national-level contributions and cooperation with the United States on the green energy corridor during the chairmanship of COP29.

Minister Shahbazov noted that Azerbaijan has swiftly established a new legislative framework in the energy sector to achieve green development. The minister announced plans to commission eight industrial-scale power plants by 2027 to increase the share of renewable energy in electricity and to decarbonize oil and gas operations, including the Sangachal Terminal. He also underlined the implementation of the green energy corridor covering Azerbaijan, Georgia, Romania, and Hungary to export green electricity and green gas, leveraging the 157 GW wind energy potential of the Caspian Sea. Opportunities for cooperation with the United States regarding this energy corridor were reviewed.

Minister Shahbazov described SOCAR's accession to the Oil and Gas Decarbonization Charter (OGDC), the goals of reducing gas flaring to zero, and achieving zero methane emissions as indicators of Azerbaijan's commitment to combating climate change.

During the meeting with Geoffrey Pyatt, the Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Energy Resources at the US Department of State, the discussion centered on the development of infrastructures diversifying energy supplies, such as the Southern Gas Corridor, in response to modern energy security challenges. Shahbazov highlighted Azerbaijan`s gas supply to 8 countries, and the need to increase the transmission capacity of the Ring of Solidarity to accommodate additional gas supplies, along with the Southern Gas Corridor. They agreed to cooperate with US support for the expansion process, similar to the first phase of the Southern Gas Corridor.


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